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A healthy mind is a wealthy mind. To foster a healthy mind, it is important to recheck what food habits or other daily routines one has adopted. Children require a balanced diet and need an intake of ample nutrition as they grow up, to keep their mind and body healthy. Foods available outside are processed in some form, mixed with preservatives and are usually unhygienic.

While we cannot replace the mother’s recipe, we serve hot lunch that is close to mother’s cooking every day. We believe this is a great substitute for the food that children carry to school—usually prepared and packed early in the morning. When children are ready to consume them for lunch, these foods turn cold, generally attacked by yeasts, and sometimes are inconsumable.

At Tatva, we have shouldered extra care and have consulted one of the premier food and nutrition consultants to assist us in designing the food menu. Each day children are provided with sumptuous and delicious food, served hot to ensure their well-being. Another reason we encourage dining at school is to foster a sharing and caring culture. By encouraging children to eat together, we intend to help children recognize the significance of being together, which also offers good socialization.

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