Best International School in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Are you a parent who is searching for the best International school in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana, India to join your child? If yes, Tatva Global School is the topmost school near you that offers the best quality education and we believe that the purpose of education is to enable a happy and fulfilling life. Happy children become happy adults. To engage children’s mind and body, education should be developmentally appropriate and that is where Tatva is good at. So, we suggest you join your child in a Global international school like Tatva Global School.

Why Tatva is the top international school?

To be considered as a top international school, you need to have everything maintained in international standards. Speaking of our teachers, each of them has an experience of over a decade and the crucial role that they play will help in growing your child into a matured individual and a global citizen.
Some of the reasons why parents love Tatva Global School:

  • We have exceptionally skilled and well-qualified teachers. They will learn new things every day to stay in line with the things that are happening in their area of study.
  • Our expansive 11-acre campus and state-of-the-art facilities will mesmerize any child and he/she grows in a sophisticated environment.
  • We make children take part in different events, national championships, be a part of diverse discussions on moral standards.
  • We focus on a child’s upbringing and character-building by cultivating good values.
  • We even have a sports curriculum that is designed beyond normal physical training drills.
    Our full-fledged pool area, indoor stadium, basketball, volleyball, and other sporting events will captivate one’s attention.
  • Also, to ensure hassle-free sessions, we have allotted a full-time nursing staff in the event of casualties during the play hours.

There are a lot more reasons like these, which make Tatva one of the best international schools in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, India.

Our food facility

A healthy mind is a wealthy mind, right? To cultivate a healthy mind, it’s necessary for us to check the food habits and daily routine of our children carefully. At Tatva, we make sure children get a balanced diet. We provide them with adequate nutrition as they grow up to live a healthy life.
Though we cannot recreate what you cook at home, we can serve your kids hot and tasty lunch. The food parents put in the children’s lunch box is usually packed early in the morning. Our food can be a great substitute as it is served hot right when the children are ready to consume. Tatva cares a little extra when it comes to food. We consult premier food and nutrition consultants and they help us design the food menu. Food is properly done by maintaining all the safety standards. The chefs are well-equipped with all the tools they need to cook the most sumptuous food for your children.
So, if you are in search of a top most international school near me, then get in touch with us now! We are one of the choicest schools in Hyderabad now. Contact us right away +91 994-941-2666.

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Contact Info

  • Toll free : 1800 8433533
  • Landline : 040 48588661, 48588662

Largest Campus

Our sports curriculum is designed to go beyond normal physical training drills and open field games. We encourage children to do more than just playing cricket and football. Along with our full-sized cricket and football fields, we have a full-fledged swimming pool an indoor stadium and various other facilities.

Teaching Methodology

At Tatva, we firmly believe that cultivation of good values, a sense of appreciation for life and a questioning mind is very essential for a child’s upbringing. Inculcating higher standards and moral values will help children to brave life’s challenges with confidence.

State of the Art Facilities

Facilities are more than just architecture, bricks and cement. They need to reverberate the vibe to aid in exciting learning. At Tatva we have imagined the infrastructure with an aim to uphold and promote the sanctity of learning together with the fun of growing up, both contributing for a higher purpose.

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