Top CBSE School in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana, India

Have you been in search of a top CBSE school in Hyderabad, Secunderabad lately? Then, we got you covered! Tatva Global School is the best choice for your child as it is a great place for learning. We are always committed to educating and fostering the students and helping them grow as responsible global citizens. Get admission to help your child enjoy a never-before kind of schooling experience.

Why Tatva Global School is the right choice?

Tatva Global School is one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana, India. We are affiliated to CBSE – Delhi (Central Board of Secondary Education). Glance through a few reasons why parents always choose Tatva Global School.

  • We have well-qualified and dedicated teachers who are exceptionally proficient in their respective area of study.
  • At Tatva, children will take part in regular discussions on moral standards and demonstrating values.
  • We always emphasize on child’s upbringing and character-building by the cultivation of good values.
  • With a spacious 11-acre campus and state of the art facilities at our school, children are surrounded by a sophisticated environment.
  • We have a sports curriculum as well and is designed beyond normal physical training drills.
  • We also have a full-fledged indoor pool, an indoor stadium, and several other facilities that will mesmerize you.
  • Also, to ensure hassle-free sessions, we have allotted a full-time nursing staff in the event of casualties during the play hours.

There are many other reasons like these, which make Tatva Global School the top-most CBSE school.

Best facilities at Tatva Global School

  • Age-Group Based Campus: Tatva school buildings and campus space are architected to suit children of designated age-groups and seniority. This is a sensible attempt to bisect aging thoughts with that of the fresh ones. Moreover, students are inspired to proactively share knowledge by public speaking.
  • In-Class Library: At Tatva Global School, we foster a more purposeful interpretation of a library. We always believe that a library is not limited to a single 4-walled repository. While knowledge itself is not absolute, why a place be? With a focus on offering access to knowledge of all forms, we have realized our idea of providing access to books and reference materials inside all classrooms.
  • Labs: At Tatva, we always believe that “practice makes a man perfect”. Practical experience is a much better way to learn new things than in theory. Books may provide sufficient knowledge, but learning by experiment gives even better results. We have advanced laboratory facilities to help every child explore things like the way they are taught in classrooms.

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Contact Info

  • Toll free : 1800 8433533
  • Landline : 040 48588661, 48588662

Largest Campus

Our sports curriculum is designed to go beyond normal physical training drills and open field games. We encourage children to do more than just playing cricket and football. Along with our full-sized cricket and football fields, we have a full-fledged swimming pool an indoor stadium and various other facilities.

Teaching Methodology

At Tatva, we firmly believe that cultivation of good values, a sense of appreciation for life and a questioning mind is very essential for a child’s upbringing. Inculcating higher standards and moral values will help children to brave life’s challenges with confidence.

State of the Art Facilities

Facilities are more than just architecture, bricks and cement. They need to reverberate the vibe to aid in exciting learning. At Tatva we have imagined the infrastructure with an aim to uphold and promote the sanctity of learning together with the fun of growing up, both contributing for a higher purpose.

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