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The transition from on-campus to online teaching and learning is not easy. It has been a huge learning curve for me personally and also for all the teachers at Tatva who till sometime back, were not so tech savvy. However, the Covid-19 crisis has changed all that. We are living in extraordinary times. The world […]
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Teaching in modern times is a remarkably intricate, multifaceted skill, and there is never a sense of having “mastered” it. It’s a process of learning throughout. While this could be an intimidating idea, it’s actually one of the most energizing and exciting things about the profession. It is also a thankless and a sleepless job. It […]
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       “No entertainment is so cheap as reading, or any pleasure so lasting.” (Montagu) Reading, as we are aware, is a great source for knowledge. The importance of reading has increased even more, in today’s digitised world. However, as a teacher I feel that our children read less despite the fact that they […]
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