Tatva’s Talisman – ICP

As someone rightly said ‘Coaching done well may be the most effective intervention designed for human performance’…. and we at Tatva proved it, when we got our first chance.

This article shares the recent success story of our school “Tatva Global School” and how the ICP (Intensive Coaching Program) brought out the best from each of the students to scale heights that they never imagined they could.

The programme at Tatva, designed by our Academic Director and the Principal was a great success. Students were able to perform to the best of their abilities and pass out with flying colors in their maiden tryst with the Board Exams. Moreover, the whole ICP programme was designed to be completed during school hours which was a herculean task, but the team managed it efficiently. Kudos to the team!

I personally believe that examination results are an outcome of our learning. However, we can step-up the intensity of practice to perform better in an exam. This need not be extra learning in a short period but extra practice to write faster or memorize important points to build answers, etc.

The specific ICP at TATVA was designed for only two months and only for the board going classes to do the following:

  • To enable the student to understand how the exam pattern would test them
  • To use their time wisely during examinations
  • To plan and launch a determined assault on all the topics systematically, to ensure that no stone remained unturned and nothing came as a surprise in the final exams.
  • A day schedule was designed something like a day in the life of the student for those two months.
  • Teachers follow up morning and evening on sticking to the plan and not deviate i.e. creating focus.
  • Enough time for breaks were incorporated to let children play and de-stress themselves, rejuvenate and galvanize themselves between focused sessions.

For this programme to work the teachers had to:

  1. believe that the programme would work
  2. have excellent content knowledge
  3. prepare, design and create assignments / question papers etc; which tested the child in all possible methods
  4. have the enthusiasm to go the extra mile
  5. be able to identify the specific topic wise focus for each child.

What I liked most about it was that mature adults designed the program and did not just tell students to study well. The ICP did not cause any stress as some people tend to think and advocate. (It definitely could lead to that if the teachers who implement it do not know how to go about it, though…)

It is my strong opinion that ICP helps the child gain confidence to appear for the ultimate test of skill and endurance. The knowledge was acquired throughout the year in a learning relaxed environment for 8 months. ICP turbo-charged the last two months for performance to scale the summit.

I also collected some thoughts of the students who successfully scaled the summit…

Sonakshi: “One of the most important aspects of board preparation is hard work, and I believe there is no substitute for this. I put in the required effort in the last two months before my board exams. The ICP programme at Tatva taught me how to study smart and earn my scores”

Vanshika: “My success motto is always to believe in myself, be focused and most importantly hard work in the right direction. The support provided by my teachers and parents has helped me. The Tatva ICP Programme has really helped me out in realizing my potential and to work on the important aspects and also the importance of perseverance and discipline in life.”

Jessica: “It is the relentless hardwork put in by my teachers and me in this journey that gave the wings to my success”

Jasnavi: “It is the confidence of my teachers in my ability, that helped me win. I just followed the instructions of the teachers blindly”

Yes….Teachers can make a difference!!!!

Pavani Dokka

Teacher of Grade X- English

Tatva Global School

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  1. Archana gaba

    Truely said and beautifully expressed.We really need to document our efforts and innovations so that others can learn from our experiences.Congrats and kudos Pavani.

  2. D Chandrima

    Can’t agree more about the importance of coaching where continuing to learn is the constant thing at every stages in life. keep up the excellent work Tatva Global teachers and management.

    Teachers can make a difference is an understatement. A more apt of saying is that Teachers can make a transformation. Pavani you are already doing it.

    My best wishes.

  3. Henry Jacob Rosario

    A great job executed to perfection. Your dedicated efforts paid off. Congratulations to everyone who made this possible.

  4. How can make a huge difference in the lives of students. It is indeed a pleasure to see you writing so well . You have a flair for it. god bless you.

  5. Nidhi

    A dream does not become a reality by magic… it is the sweat, determination and hard work that realises it.

    Kudos to the children I believing in their teachers and teachers in believing in their students – it’s the partnership that has made the dreams come true!!

    Congratulations to each and everyone !!!

  6. Sahitya

    It shows that a proper plan and hard work always lead us towards success. Great team work. Congratulations ma’am.

  7. Keerthana Alladi

    Having written the Board exams myself, I know the importance of last two months in the exam preparation. Hard work and dedication are the key. But getting the right support and direction from the teachers is icing on the cake. Congratulations Pavani ma’am, you’re doing an amazing job 🤩

  8. Keerthana Alladi

    Having written the Board exams myself, I know the importance of last two months of preparation. Hard work and dedication are the key. But getting the right support and direction from the teachers is icing on the cake. Congratulations Pavani ma’am you’re doing an amazing job 🤩

  9. Neha Peter

    Beautifully penned article. I know for a fact that the reason I was able to do well in my board exams was because of my teachers; and the reason I love English literature is because of the impact you had on me.
    Thank you so much Pavani ma’am for your support and guidance and congratulations to your team for their success.
    All the best for the future!

  10. Sudhakar Tati

    Since the Inception, Tatva has grown to be one of best schools and the beauty is keeping intact the values that they have promised during start of the school. Board exams were the first Litmus test both for Tatva students and the teachers equally and I believe both of them have exceeded expectations.
    Congratulations to the Students and Teachers who have made this possible.
    As a parent, I am always proud to be associated with Tatva.

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