A Teacher’s Heartfelt words to children

14th of November every year, we celebrate Children’s day in our country, with pomp and show. Schools have programs for children. Newspapers flash news and print articles about children and their activities. Politicians too, spend this day with children. But why confine this celebration to just that one day? In my opinion, every single day is children’s day. We, the teachers exist, because you the children exist.

We have families and friends just like anyone else. But our entire life as teachers, is woven around you. We are happy when you are happy; we feel sad, when you are sad. We feel proud at your achievements as if they are our own; we feel as disappointed as you, when you do not reach your goals. We keep your schedules in mind while we plan our work and leisure.

At times, we might use words that sound harsh, only to correct your mistakes. Remember one thing though, we do it because we want you to learn from your mistakes. We want you to overcome your weaknesses, build on your strength and move on in life – as strong, confident and brave global citizens – because that is what we have nurtured you to be. No matter what, we love you with all our heart and soul – unconditionally.

You spend your childhood with us in a school. We bond well, as a teacher and student should. We give you the skills, the values and set examples so that you learn to differentiate between the good and the bad. We want you to make the right choices. We always do our best to help you, to become a better person. We desire that you grow up into a wonderful human being – one with a golden heart, a clean soul and be helpful to the society, in which you live.

We will always long to be with you – in your thoughts. Whenever you need a guide in life, think of us. The time that you spend with us in school, the values that you imbibe here, will impact the decisions that you will make in life and the laurels that you will win in future. Take risks in life, don’t be afraid of failures – we have prepared you for that as well.

Know that when you grow up and want to look back and meet us – you will always be welcomed with the same warmth and love – because for us teachers, you will always remain our children and every single day is children’s day.


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