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“No entertainment is so cheap as reading, or any pleasure so lasting.” (Montagu)

Reading, as we are aware, is a great source for knowledge. The importance of reading has increased even more, in today’s digitised world. However, as a teacher I feel that our children read less despite the fact that they have more access to reading content. They sit glued watching television, or play with smart phones and other devices. These devices are seemingly entertaining but children do not realize that the devices eat into their valuable time making them couch potatoes at a very young age. Another failing in this situation is that very few parents find time to read to their children. About 30-years ago bedtime stories would ignite imagination in children and give them the ability to be creative or resourceful.

Reading is possibly one of the most valuable and realistic activities that we can do. It is through reading that we discover new information and meaning in our lives.  Reading makes our mind tranquil. For children, it is a means to reach out to the world of imagination and curiosity, while improving their thinking process. It is an essential component of their growth and future. When we teach children to read, we ensure that they can communicate well and explore a new world. Reading is also a wonderful exercise to the brain. After a stressful day, reading has the ability to calm us down, and dispense peace.

Apart from escalating qualities and senses, reading is an activity that reports information to their brains. Children improve their vocabulary and spelling from reading than hearing from us. Reading forces them to look at words that they may not have seen or heard. In fact, languages in children’s books are more structured than conversations. A large number of children who read are able to articulate better than others.

Another important and a well-researched fact is that – good readers tend to exhibit progressive social skills. A person who is widely read is likely to mix and engage in  conversations with others. In addition, not everyone can travel the world, meet people and learn from experiences. Reading about places, about people and their experiences helps us understand and appreciate the place, people and their culture.

Reading books – stories or autobiographies or such – elevates children’s thought process. Unlike magazines, internet posts or e-mails that might contain small pieces of information, books can be descriptive and detailed to tell the whole story. Reading books therefore leads to increase in concentration levels, and the ability to think deeper.

Apart from the many positive effects of reading, one important aspect that can be developed in children is the potential evolution of a good Samaritan. This world, in these times, needs good Samaritans who empathize and stop by to help people.

As a school teacher, I urge parents and teachers alike, to encourage children to read at an early age. This is vital for their future. The habit of serious reading is on the decline for sometime now and we as school teachers can make a difference. We can set them on the path to freedom, freedom to imagine, freedom to be creative and innovative and free them from the daily stressful life that we have become used to, freedom to reach for the stars and freedom to know that the sky is the limit…

Let’s pave the way to our global citizens ushering them into a beautiful world… by presenting them “The World of Reading!!”

Pavani Dokka,

Head of English Department, Tatva Global School
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  1. G.Shirisha Reddy

    Hi ma’am…ur article about the world of reading is really inspirational. We the parents and teachers will inspire and encourage children to make a habit of reading instead of watching television. Thank you Pavani ma’am

  2. Haresh Ramchandani

    Very well written,and it will strike a chord in most parents. Agree with you totally on the benefits of reading; I am a living example of it. I couldn’t study beyond 10th…but developed a voracious appetite for reading. It helped me broaden my horizons and gave me so much knowledge that I can discuss almost any subject with anyone.


    Hearty congratulations to you, my dear MOM on creating your own blog with an excellent and apt topic “Reading Habit” to begin with. Honestly, I confess that I lost a lot in my life due to lack of reading habit right from childhood, as you said. I have read the article and it is very nice. For a moment, I felt that I should have been your son! Keep writing on thought provoking topics which help all age groups enrich their knowledge and simultaneously improve their vocabulary and communication skills. Wish you all the best in your endeavour in your new role as blog-writer. May God Bless You with all his powers and make you an eminent writer.

  4. Chandrima Ganguly Dendukuri

    Very nice and relevant. The habit of reading is the best gift you can give to your child. As a child, I always soent half an hour reading before sleeping . Now I encourage my children to do the same. Right after reading when you go to sleep, your sub concious mind dives into a new world of imagination and that’s very healthy for the brain. Albert Einstein had rightly said imagination is more important than intelligence.

  5. Pooja Ramchandani

    “A person who can read but doesn’t is no better than a person who can’t read. ”

    Congratulations Pavani on starting your own blog. Keep it coming… You are doing a great job. Children of this age need to be inspired to read or we would be failing in our duty towards them…

    Well done….

  6. Charles Rajendra Kumar

    A true literary genius has blosommed this Spring. Your own habit of reading good books is reflected in the persuasive style adopted. You have reinforced the old habit of reading in contemporary. you have succeeded to the fullest in making your point.
    I sincerely hope you grow to greater heights on the pedagogical pedestal and weild your creative magic at the same time.
    You are my true protégé, Pavani. I am proud of you as I post this observation.

  7. Vanshika sai

    Mam I really like this blog , it actually enlightened my mind, as a student i really like reading and this article changed my whole perspective towards reading, u inspire us a lot , and I think this blog will indeed create a very good impact on students , as well as parent. Congratulations mam , keep writing and keep inspiring us ,mam finally i just want to say that I just loved ur blog???

  8. Srijana

    Nice article Ma’am.
    “ A child who reads will be an adult who thinks.” Reading should be a habit for everyone not just children because the more you read the more things you will know, the more you learn the more places you will go. I strongly urge parents to gift books to children on their birthdays or as return gifts so that they can find magic wherever they look.

  9. Harsh

    Yes you are true pavani, as you have put rightly it is very important that children develop this activity. Kindly suggest the ways that we can make kids to develop this skills.
    Nice one

  10. Sonakshi Rajan

    ?Wow Maam! As a book lover it gives so much joy and happiness to read this blog. And I’m sure it’ll inspire others to read more just like it inspired me. Congratulations Ma’am and please keep writing and keep inspiring! ?

  11. Manju

    A good article on importance of reading. I think if parents start reading then children will inculcate the habit of reading.

  12. Pannaga k Murthy

    Dear ma’am, congratulations on starting a blog . A motivating well written article that will surely initiate many students and parents into the habit of reading. Very convincing and inspiribg. Reading adds not only to the person’s knowledge and language skills but also enhances self confidence and makes way to connect different concepts together leading to better cognitive skills. Will look forward for many more articles on thought provoking topics .

  13. Nimisha Yadavalli

    Congratulations for your first blog ma’am, it is very relevant, and I’m sure it is going to leave an impact on the readers!❤

  14. Pannaga K Murthy

    Dear ma’am congratulations on starting a new blog. The article on reading is very motivating for both students and parents. I will look forward for more such inspiring articles.

  15. Dear Pavani,
    Congratulations and all the best wishes for creating your own blog.
    First article on reading is an eye-opener to the society.I strongly feel and believe that if reading is a habit- no companion is required and it beats all other forms of entertainment.

  16. So true! I can relate to a lot in this article! I started reading at a very late age. In fact it was after you encouraged me to. Although once I began, I clearly noticed how my horizons widened. Not only did my imagination increase, but my perspectives changed, I became a rational thinker and my spellings improved? I’m sure this write up shall inspire many more students and parents to inculcate the habit of reading. The earlier the better.
    All the best ma’am. Keep shaping lives as beautifully as you have.

  17. Anita Bobbili

    Well said, Pavani. It is true that in this day of technological advances and digitized world, kids are glued to devices. So it becomes even more important than ever for everyone including parents to take reading seriously and as an essential part of growing up. Truly inspiring article about Reading from a teacher’s perspective. The importance of reading is beautifully emphasized. Thank you Pavani for sharing your thoughts and looking forward for many more to come.

  18. Satish Chandra

    Absolutely!!! need of the hour… Totally agree that all concerned should take neccessary measures to preserve the reading habit before it goes extinct succumbing to the rapid advancement and accessibility in Technology.
    It might not be easy to pull out technology from younger generations. So it would be ideal to digitilise educational system which would ensure a mutual balance.

  19. Anand

    Hi Pavani. Thanks for writing on such a good point. Very well written.
    Inspired and will make my daughter understand the goodness of reading and I will restart reading. The habbit which I lost in the internet world.

  20. Arun

    Reading.. Develops knowledge.. Not only kids even elders should read.. Communication.. improves with reading.. Parents should avoid smart phones.. And start reading books.. Kids follow the foot steps of their parents.. Great article Pavani ma’am… U nailed it.. Yet again.. Keep giving such beneficial and valuable information…

  21. Raji ram

    A habit that’s being lost amidst gadgets!!! Reading makes u a rational thinker….well said Paavani Ma’am…the best gift u can give away are books….broadens ur views concerns thinking enhances oratorial skills command on language and the foremost our imagination… It’s really adventurous too….let’s start with reading bed time stories and newspaper for our kids… Never too late…let’s give the best to our kids…

    A suggestion… issue a book to a child per week and discuss about storyline interesting dialogue new words in the class during library hour…or have a classroom library by kids for kids….

  22. Sravanthi

    Excellently put Pavani! Could not agree with you more. Reading helps with imagination,creativity and increases knowledge on many fronts. But I think parents could play a more prominent role as I have seen so many parents using electronic devices as baby sitters for kids. Instead of reading with or to kids they hand over an iPad or a phone and go on with their work. It’s sad but the sooner we realize and even spend like 20 mins a day reading to kids, it would make a world of difference.

  23. Pranav Reddy

    Pavani ma’am, I really find this true, and whenever I’m bored, I just read books. Thanks, I found this very inspiring. Keep writing, ma’am!

  24. Vineeth

    Congratulations Pavani, Well written about reading habits and the way you said reading improves social skilla. It’s really a nice article

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