School Teachers and Technology

Gone are the days when experts debated whether computer and internet technology is a boon or bane! The world has evolved into a congenial global village. This evolution has been hastened and aided by smart technology. Technology has helped the world turn smarter by cutting down on procrastination and redundancies incrementally.
However, we find that school teachers have not embraced this as easily as they did the smart / mobile phone. It is time for school teachers to shed the phobia or any apprehension associated with it.
Before we go further on this let us try and define technology in general and school in particular.
  • Communicating within the team, with parents and with service providers.
  • Computing for complex statistics that help in determining performance of a student
  • For communication inside a classroom – Audio/visual content
  • For administrative productivity.
Quite a few schools have introduced computer classes for children. Yet teachers haven’t adapted well enough to technology. It is time to make a claustrophobic classroom, SMART, but with care:  
  • Don’t fence the classroom, teachers can carefully select technology to maximize impact.
  • Don’t replace books with tablets, use it as an add on and make learning more vibrant
  • Don’t turn classrooms into gadget jungles, maintain a balance, cut down on long lectures and go an extra edge with through audio-visuals or even 3D.
They say “Pictures speak louder than words!” So let’s practice for optimum benefits of students!
Learning is an on-going process, teachers should give a new angle, call it the inflection point, to the learning curve in the classroom. Technology can act as a catalyst of change and improvement. Configure and customize.
Let’s ponder over the subject of Technology to design an effective course-curriculum:
  • Technology in Mathematics and Statistics
    • how can we make students learn concepts and techniques to derive solutions when they struggle at Mental Maths
  • Technology in Science
    • Live demo after every concept on screen for understanding and retention
  • Technology in English
    • Reading poetry or an essay may sound dull but listening to it with a background music and good intonation can make a great difference
  • Technology in Social Studies
    • Give a new life to the mundane subject with moving pictures and narratives which students can cherish for life
  • Technology in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil or Sanskrit:
    • The internet can help pull out figure of speech and let the language flow like powerful emotions

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